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    Calendar Info!!

    If you have not picked up your calendars yet, please contact a member of the calendar committee ASAP.

    Due to the arena being closed, y
    ou can drop off your calendar stubs at 1114 Oxford Street in Worthington (Johnson Builders & Realty).  They are open from 8:00-6:00 Monday thru Friday and 9:00-3:00 on Saturday.  The deadline for drop off is November 30th at 3:30 PM.  

    The drawing has to take place still on Nov. 30.

    State of MN Pauses Youth Sports

    11/19/20 - We are very sad to report that Governor Walz has mandated a pause on youth sports in MN effective the end of the day tomorrow thru 12/18/2020. 

    We understand that there will be a lot of questions of how we will proceed with many things.  We do not have immediate answers for everything because the future is unknown.  A couple of things we do know...

    *Team photos will be delayed.  They will hopefully be rescheduled at some point after the first of the year.

    *Depending on how the state moves forward we may have to adjust volunteer hours.

    *All DIBS during the period of this "Pause" will be cancelled.

    Please keep in mind that we are privately owned and funded.  This leaves our association especially financially vulnerable during these times of shutdown.

    Thank you for your patience.  Stay safe and healthy!

    Below is a message from MN Hockey:

    November 19, 2020

    Yesterday, Minnesota Hockey learned of the Executive Order by Governor Tim Walz, instituting a pause on youth sports throughout the state of Minnesota effective this Friday, November 20 through Friday, December 18. All Minnesota Hockey activities must pause as instructed during the next four weeks.

    We understand this is disappointing to many, and we are concerned about the effect it can have on the mental and physical health of our youth, who tremendously benefit from the camaraderie, physical activity and inspiration that sports provide. This is especially true in a time when schools and other activities are not available to many. We would have preferred the opportunity to implement more restrictions prior to a pause taking place, but the exponential growth of infections and hospitalizations in our state made that impossible.

    We are also understanding of why this decision was made. COVID-19 is a devastating virus, as too many people have found out across the country and the state. It is important that the spread of this virus is controlled so that more lives can be saved. In addition to controlling the spread, this pause is being implemented at this time in order to save the remainder of the winter sports season.

    The large majority of our members have been doing everything that has been asked of them. But whether it’s coming dressed to the rink, avoiding locker rooms or social gatherings, etc., we also know many of us can and need to do more. Just like in a hockey game, non-compliance to team expectations in a single instance rarely has immediate or dire consequences, but the cumulative impact over time can significantly harm a team. We’re seeing that right now with hockey being associated with the most outbreaks of youth sports in Minnesota.

    The good news is coming out of the pause, we will still have a minimum of three months remaining in the season, and the Board of Directors will be meeting to discuss the potential extension of the season. Minnesota Hockey will also implement an updated “Return to Play” plan with continued guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health and Commissioner Tarek Tomes. It will be imperative that all of our members are following guidelines and policies in order to keep our players safe, and keep our game going.

    There is still much more time for our kids to create lifelong memories and improve their skills. But we must do everything we can to keep our kids and their families safe and preserve those opportunities. That includes taking this pause seriously, and not doing anything to jeopardize our chances of being able to start in late December.

    Stay safe over the holidays, and we can’t wait to see our players back at the rinks in December.

    Steve Oleheiser

    Glen Andresen
    Executive Director


    District 4 has replaced paper scorebooks with an all-digital system. All scorekeeping will be done on an app called GameSheet. The app is already installed for Worthington on an iPad provided by District 4. This iPad must always stay at the arena. A couple important notes to remember when signing up for this DIB:

    •Please watch the Training Videos before volunteering to keep score. Training videos are short and straight to the point. The link for these videos is listed below.

    •Username/ Password for the app is written on a note under the case of the iPad.


    •Refs must sign iPad sheet after game.

    •Make sure penalties are entered correctly.

    •This is for Squirts, 10U, Peewee, and Bantams only. (Varsity will continue to use paper scorebooks).

    •If there is a goalie change, you must indicate the change to make sure stats are correct.

    •WIFI will be needed to upload the sheet to the cloud after the game, please go to the lobby to do this.

    •Both Head Coaches, from Home & Visitor team, will receive an email copy of the sheet after it is uploaded to the cloud and received by District 4.

    •If you have a technical question, go to the “Ask” tab in the app and seek your answer there, or contact GameSheet’s technical hotline.


    Tournament Registration

    Tournament Registration is now open!

    Squirts A/B December 11-13, 2020
    10U/12U Girls January 22-24, 2021
    Peewees A/B February 5-7, 2021                   
    Mite/Mini Mite Jamboree March 5-7, 2021

    Tournament Registration Form

    To register for any tournament, follow this link.

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    AmazonSmile Donations

    Shop at when shopping on Amazon to support the Worthington Hockey Association. Amazon will give a percentage of each purchase back to the association! #AmazonSmile #StartWithaSmile